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Innovative cloud based software for advanced self-service solutions for online, applications and kiosk.

Unified Back-Office

Unified Back-Office

All solutions delivered on the Allegro Cloud platform share the same, powerful and innovative, back-office.

All your information is up to date and available on all channels with a single back-office solution.

Fast Deployment

Fast Deployment

The Allegro Cloud setup is always securely stored in the cloud. This provides fast and easy setup and deployment of your kiosks.

Your latest updates are always available for new, replacement or duplicate kiosks as your hotel check-in software needs grow.

Queuing System

Queuing System

The automatic backend assigns rooms and alerts guests when keys can be picked up. Staff is free for more guest interaction.

When the kiosk can’t make the final decision, the requests are sent to the right staff member with the correct priority.

An Omni-Channel Self-Service Platform

Allegro Cloud creates a true omni-channel guest journey. Guests seamlessly transition from their own mobile device to a kiosk in the hotel or a mobile key application. No abrupt changes in design or experience. The hotel staff remains in full control using the unified back-office.

Find Reservations


Guest find their reservation with their preferred device:

- A Mobile Application can list matched reservations using API’s
- Invite guests to check-in using SMS, e-mail or push notifications
- Guests use their last name and reservation number to find their reservation easily on a webpage or Ariane self-service kiosk



Guests are able to check-in with the software and device they prefer.

Guests can choose to:
- Use Mobile Application for full check-in, natively supported using Ariane API’s
- Complete self-check-in using the Ariane Cloud Online check-in service – with no need for application download and installation
- Complete a full check-in, or even create a new reservation, on an Ariane self-service kiosk. This can include features like ID scanning and name matching, completion of registration card, room preferences, additions of items and options, room upgrades, payment and key creation.

Key Creation and Room Access


Guests easily pick-up their physical keycard or use their preferred mobile app.

Options include:
- Request a mobile key from your application, integrated with Ariane Mobile Key backend
- Automatically issue an electronic key when guest is “in-house”, or require an ID scan at the kiosk (for increased security)
- Create a physical key at kiosk or keycard dispenser using QR code sent as SMS/e-mail by Ariane or displayed in mobile application

Unified Backoffice


Staff manages the day-to-day of a guest’s stay with a unified back-office

Hotel staff and corporate can access the Unified Backoffice at all times. This is used for day to day management of the self-service solution, as well as local and global configuration changes.



Guest can check-out:

- Through the native Mobile Application, connected through Ariane’s API
- Using the Ariane Cloud Online check-out service
- At a self-service kiosk or tablet-a full-service option with features like view invoice, update billing address, payment and manage how to receive the invoice.

Dashboard, monitoring and statistics


All parts of the platform are fully cloud managed.

You receive alerts when the room is clear, dashboards of your efficiency and average check-in time and stats about how the week ran.
Get a complete view of your hotel’s operations with advanced monitoring, alerts, status dashboards and unified statistics.

Check-In and Out using your own Device

Own device check-in – give guests a choice in how they interact and engage with your hotel


The Most Advanced and Complete Self-Service Solution-In Your Hotel Lobby

Allegro Cloud Kiosk combines the limitless power of Microsoft Azure Cloud and a kiosk or tablet check-in solution right in your hotel’s lobby.

This hotel check-in system in the cloud gives you top speeds and performance, reliability, fast deployment and an easy to use unified back-office. The software running on your kiosks or tablets connects to the cloud as well as your local systems like payment and keycard servers.

Multiple Guest Journeys

With Allegro Cloud kiosks, guests can receive their keys in less than 20 seconds with Xpress key pickup or do a full check-in at the kiosk.

While at the kiosk, offer guests the opportunity to upgrade their rooms or add special offers, like breakfast.

The same terminals can be used to request replacement keys and even check-out.

Allegro Queuing System
Staff Override

Premium Certified Partners

Our premium certified partners have a proven track record and integration with the Allegro Suite of kiosk software. You’ll gain access to a complete integration, ready-to-use, with all of the features you need from day one!


Working with Allegro Kiosk Solutions

Powerful range of indoor and outdoor kiosks. Indoor and outdoor self-service kiosks to fit your hotel’s needs.


Built for the Outdoors


Our Duo 1800-series kiosks are built for the outdoors. Provide an easy kiosk check-in as a simple, low cost and effective way of managing late arrivals to your hotel.


Compact Indoor Kiosks


The Duo 2100 series indoor kiosks are compact, easy to place kiosks that can be up and running in a few hours.


Modular Indoor Kiosks


The Duo 6000 series indoor kiosks are modular and designed to be an integrated part of your hotel lobby.


3000 hotels and more than 500.000 rooms equipped in more than 25 countries...

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