Allegro Kiosk Classic

Locally installed hotel check-in software suite active in more than 2000 hotels. Extensive support available for your preferred keycard, payment and PMS integrations.


Advanced PMS integrations

Your property management system is the foundation for a fully automatic hotel self-check-in system. More than 30 different PMS systems integrate with Ariane, and the list keeps growing.


Our hotel check-in software solution is fully customizable to support your specific needs. Create a customized user experience, configurable features and any custom fields you need.


We speak your language…and many others! Allegro supports up to 8 different languages. You can even create personalized translations and messaging with your own voice!

All-in-One Local Self-Service Software

All of the software you need to create an easy self-check-in/out journey for your guests is pre-loaded on our kiosks. As part of your installation, an Ariane technician will help configure integrations with our existing partners, such as your PMS, keycard server and payment systems.

Choose a single check-in journey for your guests or create multiple options to support each stage of the guest journey.


The Most Advanced and Complete Self-Service Solution-In Your Hotel Lobby

Allegro Cloud Kiosk combines the limitless power of Microsoft Azure Cloud and a kiosk or tablet check-in solution right in your hotel’s lobby.

This hotel check-in system in the cloud gives you top speeds and performance, reliability, fast deployment and an easy to use unified back-office. The software running on your kiosks or tablets connects to the cloud as well as your local systems like payment and keycard servers.


Guests with reservations complete check-in and grab their keys in a few simple steps.

Enhance your guests’ experience with select features to speed up the process and special messaging.
Reservation lookup

Guests can use a variety of reservation and confirmation numbers.

ID and passport scanning
Customized Registration Card
Upselling of breakfast
Encode electronic keys


Help guests without reservations find a room.

Allow walk-ins to search for a room with your hotel kiosk. Guests simply enter the number of people in their party and the number of nights needed.

Guests choose from your available rooms and continue quickly with a full check-in.

Sell your last remaining rooms to late night visitors without overnight staff!


Activate online check-in for your guests with our hotel check-in software.

Guests receive a QR code by e-mail or SMS once a room is assigned on arrival day.

With this QR code, guests find their reservation and receive a key in as little as 20 seconds after arrival. Activate the in-house option for guests to create additional keys as needed.


A departing guest can easily review his invoices, update his business address, pay and complete check-out in a few simple steps.

Invoice can be printed or sent as an e-mail.

Check-out is fully automatic and keeps your PMS up to date. Get ahead of the cleaning schedule with real-time reports for housekeeping on vacant and dirty rooms.


You don’t need to integrate with a PMS system to create a frictionless arrival for your guests. The setup and use is simple. We can help you create a hotel self-service check-in option even if your system is not compatible.


Manage arrivals and sell last minute inventory without a PMS integration with ABOL - Allegro BackOffice Light. Simply add your last few arriving guests and remaining rooms before you leave the office. Let ABOL handle the rest!


Arriving guests can easily find their reservation, complete the check-in (including payment) and get their key – just like with our integrated solutions.

Premium Certified Partners

Our premium certified partners have a proven track record and integration with the Allegro Suite of kiosk software. You’ll gain access to a complete integration, ready-to-use, with all of the features you need from day one!


Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Indoor and outdoor self-service kiosks to fit your hotel’s needs


Built for the Outdoors


Our Duo 1800-series kiosks are built for the outdoors. Provide an easy kiosk check-in as a simple, low cost and effective way of managing late arrivals to your hotel.


Compact Indoor Kiosks


The Duo 2100 series indoor kiosks are compact, easy to place kiosks that can be up and running in a few hours.


Modular Indoor Kiosks


The Duo 6000 series indoor kiosks are modular and designed to be an integrated part of your hotel lobby.

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